6 Tips To Start The Paleo Diet

Want to try going caveman? The Paleo Diet is seven kinds of trendy, and the all-star diet right now; so it’s no wonder you’re curious about the diet. Here’s what you need to know; how to be prepared, and how to keep your expectations in check.

1. Get Ready to Budget

Your grocery bill will be a bit more expensive. You’re going to eat a lot of organic foods, says health.com. The site says the Paelo diet will require you eat fruits, vegetables and meats, just as our ancestors did – and that means no pesticides, antibiotics or other man-made chemicals. You’ll also want to go with grass-fed meats.

2. You May Not Lose Weight

Although there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence about the diet, medical research has yet to claim its weight-loss benefits, according to U.S. News & World Report. The news story reported a small study found subjects lost an average of 5 pounds after three weeks on a Paleo diet. The best way to ensure weight loss is to reduce your caloric intake.

3. You’ll Still Need to Exercise

Work out like a caveman or cavewoman. Active.com had a playful approach to this type of fitness, such as sprinting (like you’re running from a big bad old bear), pull-ups (tree climbing) and other functional training moves.

4. You Might Not Feel Great at First

Even if it’s good for you, changing how you eat is tough on the body, suggests Women’s Health. Dietitian Alexandra Caspero tells the magazine: “Whenever you drastically change your diet, your body’s going to react. Your body has to get used to a new way of eating.” The “shock to the system” especially happens when you cut caffeine or refine sugar.

5. Plan Your Meals

The key to sticking with Paleo, or any diet for that matter, is to plan your meals ahead of time. On a popsugar.com blog post, the site’s associate fitness editor writes: “I let my Pinterest boards get the best of me. I cooked not one, not two, but three elaborate Paleo recipes I had pinned in preparation. Not only did I spend a ton of money from day one, but by day three of the same recipes, all I wanted was something else. Meal prep is absolutely essential, but be realistic about what you’re going to want to eat for the next few days — especially if you’re on a budget.”

6. Experts Hold Mixed Opinions

As with most anything, there are pros and cons to Paleo. Heavy.com writes that even though the whole-foods, cleaning-eating approach of the diet makes sense and is healthy, there are some critics of the diet. The sticking point is how restrictive the diet is and how difficult it would be to stick to it over the long term. Another issue: “Scientists take issue with the supposed fact that human digestion has not evolved and also the idea that all hunter-gatherers around the world ate the same thing (they did not),” states the story.

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